There is currently a public discussion about how Facebook handles users’ personal data. But what exactly does Facebook know about you? Sure, you could check out all of the information you’ve put on your Facebook profile online. But that doesn’t provide a complete answer to what Facebook knows about you. The much better alternative: Use the option offered by Facebook to download all of your Facebook data. That’s how it works.

It has been possible to download the Facebook data for some time. Nevertheless, there are likely to be Facebook users who are not yet familiar with this function. First, go to your Facebook page, then click the down arrow in the top right corner. A menu will fold down in which you click on “Settings”.

In the settings under “Your Facebook information” you will find the link “Download your information”. Click on the link to start the download process. You will now be directed to the “Download your information” page. Here you can download a copy of all personal information shared on Facebook. You can choose yourself which data you want to download and which you don’t. The Facebook archive contains a lot of confidential information, such as your own wall posts, photos and profile information. Keep this in mind if you are considering passing the archive on!

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After clicking on “Create file”, Facebook collects all data and informs you by email as soon as the archive is available for download. Alternatively, just visit the page a few minutes (or hours) later, then you can download the archive immediately after entering the Facebook password.

It’s all in your Facebook archive

How big the archive ultimately is depends on how active you are on Facebook. It ends up on your hard drive in the form of a zip file. Including all photos and videos you have ever uploaded to Facebook. Unzip the archive in a subdirectory of your choice. After clicking on index.htm, a local website opens, from which you can find all of your personal information on Facebook. The links in the left area take you to all contact information, photos, videos, messages and much more information. For example, a click on “Messages” shows you all messages that have ever been received and sent.

Clicking on “Ads” tells you which advertisements you have ever clicked on and which data the advertisers received about you. “Apps” tells you which apps and services you are using from your Facebook profile. And “safety” provides information about when and via which IP addresses you logged into Facebook.

However, you cannot delete individual pieces of information, because after all it is an offline archive. Instead, visit your Facebook account to make such changes.


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